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Benjamin Rockwell

Benjamin Rockwell has been consulting since the time when 386’s were the hottest thing out there, modems ruled, and the only people on the Internet were at colleges and government agencies.  After seeing the rise of the World Wide Web (though we don’t call it that any more), Windows (through it’s many iterations), and many other technologies, Benjamin is ready to help you.

Some people use the term Jack-of-all-trades, but Benjamin prefers the term “IT Generalist”.  After all, at a moments notice, with his radio show on Computers, he needs to be able to answer questions on Windows 98 or Windows 10, network servers, or home wireless, web development or data recovery, and speak to each issue as an independent concept.

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What BR-CC Offers

You bought it, and then you broke it.  Or the other way around?  Who knows.  Benjamin works with almost everything computing, and technology.  There’s so much to technology today that we all struggle with something.  That is why we come along side, and help you through everything, explaining to help you understand.

To resolve client computer problems in an efficient manner, with honesty, integrity, and a desire to teach everyone something new about their computer experience at every chance possible.  This is done through an application of knowledge and the willingness to share it, with openness about the problems, even when the answer is “I don’t know”.  Even if we still baffle you, we won’t lie to you, sell you things you don’t need, or take advantage of you.

Integrity is doing the right thing when nobody is watching.  We also try to get along with the clients, not on a nerd scale, but on a normal scale which reveals that we’ve been right in your seat, working with those problems before, and we are here to help.  No hero complex, no mightier than thou, just simple honest effort to help.

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